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Keira's Brawl!

Here's your chance to win a Artifact Chest Keys!

Today Keira has just become stronger! And now you have a perfect opportunity to try out her new Ascension skills in the special Brawl event!

Key Takeaways:

Keira's Brawl Artifact Key Sweepstakes Official Rules

Here's How To Enter:

1. Open to Hero Wars Facebook and Web Players!

2. Leave the KEYWORD comment on THIS VIDEO (Video Also Down Below)

3. Leave the comment: "Facebook," or "Web"

>If you play on all both, you can leave two comments

>Comments that don't say one of these three words will not be picked

3. 10 comments will be drawn at random Wednesday, October 18th at 12pm Central Time.

(5 FB Comments will be picked, 5 Web Comments will be picked)

4. Winners will be announced on the Hero Wars Central Website and Discord.

5. FB/Web Winners will receive a Hero Wars gift box containing 30 Artifact Chest Keys, 10 Pet Summon Eggs, and 30 Titan Summoning Spheres!

For Complete Rules and Policies regarding Sweepstakes, and other contests like this, GO HERE.

What is Keira's Brawl

The Keira Brawls event lasts three days. Fight opponents and complete quests to get various rewards: Soul Stones, emeralds, Brawl Coins, and Nesting Dolls.

The Basic Gameplay Loop is this:

  1. Complete Tasks in the Event Section to earn Brawl Coins

  2. Complete Fights in the Brawl Activity to earn Brawl Coins

  3. Spend the Brawl Coins in the Keira's Brawl Shop

Keira's Brawl Best Teams

Thanks to Boo, And Path to NoWhere for this Work!

If No Rufus: Dante/Iris/Sebastian/Jorgen

If Rufus: Dante/Iris/Seb/Morrigan

Keira's Brawl Shop Best Buys

Thanks to Calorifere for this work!

Click on the above image to expand!

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