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Kayla & Aidan- Full Skills and Max Stats

Updated: Dec 3, 2022

The Fire Twins Powers Revealed!

Big shoutout to LoadRunner for datamining the Info!

Scroll down a bit for the info!

NOTE: This post has been updated with the Post-Release Buff to Kayla on December 2nd 2022

Along with the addition of these game files, a number of heroes skills were adjusted:

  • Peppy - Her Ultimate only targets people in front of her

  • Krista - Frozen Needles skill only fills the area in front of her

  • Nebula - Her Ultimate skill only goes Forward

  • Kai - His Ultimate launches Forward

  • Artemis - Her Smart Arrow skill will only hit Nearby enemies

  • Ginger - Her Ultimate only shoots in front of her

These changes are likely because of the new hero Kayla, and her positioning behind enemy lines.



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