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How to Spend Your Emeralds Wisely in Hero Wars

My Opinion on the Best Places to Spend Your Pay 2 Win Currency!

Emeralds, the precious currency in Hero Wars, are a valuable resource that players often wonder how to spend effectively. Please take note that this isn't intended as the be-all end-all guide 100% of the time, but it can be it used a starting point if you're lost.

Otherwise, let's dive into the key takeaways.

Emeralds Are Your Hero Wars Treasure

Emeralds can be obtained through various in-game activities, including quests, arena battles, and special events. The most well-known way of acquiring emeralds is by purchasing them. Regardless of whether you're a free-to-play player or invest in emeralds occasionally, knowing where to spend them can significantly impact your progress in the game.

When to Spend Your Emeralds?

Special Event Quests - Double Dip for Rewards

One of the smartest strategies is to wait for special events that include emerald-spending quests. These quests often offer additional rewards on top of the usual benefits of spending emeralds, such as energy or gold. So, keep an eye out for these events to maximize your gains.

Where to Spend Your Emeralds?

5. Hero Artifact Chests - A Worthwhile Investment

First on the list is spending emeralds on Artifact Chests. These chests contain valuable artifact pieces and artifact coins, crucial for leveling up your hero artifacts. Keep an eye out for discounts on these chests, as they offer excellent value for your emeralds.

4. Energy - Fuel Your Progress

Energy is essential for progressing through the campaign and obtaining equipment for your heroes. Spending emeralds to replenish energy can be a smart move, especially when it's available at a reasonable cost. Just remember that the price increases after a certain point, so use this option strategically.

3. Summoning Titans - Choose Wisely

Summoning Titans is another way to invest your emeralds. However, this is most beneficial for players who haven't yet obtained specific Titans like Hyperion or Eden. The more chests you open, the higher your chances of acquiring these elusive Titans, but choose this option with care.

This option should only be used early on in your account's growth. Once you've summoned the necessary titans, you should rely on other means to acquire more of their soul stones to evolve them to 6 star!

Replacement: Titan Artifact Spheres

2. Leveling Up Titans - A Quick Boost

Investing emeralds in leveling up your Titans can give you a significant advantage in battles. This is especially useful for early game progression, but it becomes costlier as you go higher in levels.

Like Emerald Option 3, this should be replaced with another emerald spending option, like Titan Artifact Spheres, Energy, or the #1 Option....

1. Outland Chests - Skin Stone Bonanza

If you're in need of skin stones, consider spending emeralds on Outland Chests. These chests offer a chance to obtain skin stones and can be an excellent way to strengthen your heroes.

Every hero can have up to 5 skins, and leveling all 5 skins will require over 200,000 skin stones; this means that a team of 5 heroes will require over 1,000,000 skin stones!

As I mentioned earlier, you should DEFINITELY wait to open outland chests until there is an event active that has a task to open outland chests!

Honorable Mentions - Other Emerald Options

Random Hero Chests - Occasionally Worth It

While not a top recommendation, spending emeralds on random Hero Chests can be worthwhile during deep discounts. If you're aiming for specific hero soul stones, this option might help, but it's a bit of a gamble.

Facebook/Web Exclusive: Titan Artifacts and Elemental Spirit Fragments

Hero Wars Dominion Era players have access to the Elemental Totem System, that boosts the effectiveness of your titans in battle! These totem fragments can be earned at random by opening Titan Artifact Spheres; however the drop-rate percentage is EXTREMELY poor.

You can guarantee earning random totem fragments by spending emeralds at the Alter of Elements!

Other Miscellaneous Emerald Spending Opportunities

Aside from the top recommendations, there are a few other ways to spend emeralds. You can refresh the merchant for new goods, buy additional arena or Grand Arena battles, use emeralds in the Rarity Fair to promote heroes, and level up your hero items through the Rarity Fair.

In conclusion, managing your emeralds wisely in Hero Wars can significantly impact your gameplay. The key is to balance your spending based on your current progress and needs. Whether you're saving up for a big event or strengthening your heroes for the next challenge, these strategies will help you make the most out of your emerald stash.

Remember to check for special events and discounts to maximize your emerald investments. Your heroes will thank you for it as they become stronger and more formidable in the world of Hero Wars.

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