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How to Beat Seymour Using K'arkh!

Contributed by Galit - Facebook S41

Galit reached out to me, because I've mentioned on several occasions that K'arkh isn't that great in the campaign, and that I've had to start leveling up other heroes in order to finish it off.

For Reference, I'm stuck at Chapter 15, Mission 11:

"Path of Estrangement" for a little while now.

Thanks so much to Galit for the quick note and video!

From Galit:

"Hi, just like to share to other players that they could use K'arkh to finish off Seymour. Here is the video (video can be found at the bottom of the blog post) of my fight with Seymour for your reference.

I was trying to level up other damage dealer like Keira, Orion or even Galahad so that I could take out the pillars, because I did not know K'arkh can do it with a trick. The trick is that Martha must ultimate before Seymour could lay down the two pillars/towers. You can see on the video that K'arkh was hitting the two pillars at the same time, which makes it possible for K'arkh alone to destroy the pillars

I did not use any Pet because the damage output from K'arkh & Jhu was enough.

About Jhu, my Jhu here has nothing, so I needed Astaroth to revive him during the 1st blast of Seymour. So no need to power up Jhu. I believe your current Karkh team can beat Seymour just by doing the trick as mentioned."

Check out their video below, PLEASE make sure to leave a like, and consider giving the channel a subscribe!

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Craig Rich
Craig Rich
Feb 07, 2021

Thanks so much for this I finally beat Seymour with this line up. Charlie's video peaked my interest and that along with The livestream got me trying again, however it wasn't until I viewed this video again I got the rhythm, Thanks again, love this community.


Tyler Livingston
Tyler Livingston
Dec 15, 2020

i love this it helps me a lot

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