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How much does power matter? (Hero Wars Mobile)

by Matthew Mann Mobile S115, Guest Blogger

tldr; more power = more wins (mostly)

How much does power matter? In the process of breaking down HW into digestible chunks, we often get asked this question of when does hero x get better or how can we beat more powerful opponents. In this post we will start on the basic building block of how important is power. It is important, but isn't everything.

First, all data comes from GW/CS battles on mobile. Second, battles are selected based on at least one line having 400k+ in power and losing. So if your 250k+ power line beat a max line, it is recorded. If it lost, not recorded.

Quick summary # of Battles Recorded= 2,236 Attacker Win= 1,841 Attacker Win %= 82.3% Defenders Win= 395 Defenders Win %= 17.7% More Damage = Win 2,083 More Damage %= Win 93.2%

Largest Delta with win (Attacking) is -183,386 in power Largest Delta with win (Defending) is -210,003 in power

A quick glimpse at the info above shows that huge upsets of nearly 200K happen. So, power isn't everything, and yes, you can beat much more powerful enemies in GW/CS using the correct lines. That being said, the weaker you are, the more likely you are to lose. So you have to have either a wide base of heroes to run all the counter lines and hope the random events of the game go your way OR get more powerful.

The best approach is using both. Everyday you should be getting more powerful (as the game provides free upgrades daily) and learning what works for your lines.

With 51 heroes currently we have a whopping 2,349,060 combinations of available heroes. So, try to focus on the lines you see often and can break down. Using a spreadsheet helps a lot also.

Below is a plot showing the total attacker's power to total damage dealt by attacker.

Blue means an attacker won, orange means defender won.

Another one for the defenders

tldr; more power = more wins (mostly)

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