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Hero Wars Weekly

Monday, December 12th 2022 Week in Review

This week we learned a lot about blah blah blah who cares I'm sick writing this blog post and I want to go back to bed.

Winners of the Week!

(500 Small Skin Stone Chests)

Winners should contact me on Discord to receive their prize! (You will be asked to provide proof)

  1. M M

  2. JMz

  3. Lin Weijie

  4. Andries Duvenhage

  5. TaTo

What Videos Did We Publish This Week?

What are in Dark Particles? This was a lame event.

(FB/Web Video)

Why (and how) you should stop playing Hero Wars Mobile on Apple Products

(Mobile Video)

After seeing Julius in the Hero Wars TV video, these are my first thoughts! (Mobile Video)

This video is a recap of the Winterfest Minigames and Puzzles!

(Facebook/Web Video)

Here are the most frequently asked questions for Winterfest!

(Fb/Web Video)

In my (desperate?) chase for Kayla soul stones, I opened 100 Hero Upgrade Chests! Did I get her to 6 stars?

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