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Hero Wars Weekly

Monday, December 5th 2022 Week in Review

This week we learned a lot about blah blah blah who cares I'm sick writing this blog post and I want to go back to bed.

Winners of the Week!

(5 Bottled Energy, 500k Gold, 3 Portal Charges)

Winners should contact me on Discord to receive their prize! (You will be asked to provide proof)

  1. lady_majyck

  2. nellykasto

  3. lionheart_1314

  4. brandobravotascon

  5. official__trez

  6. vitaminhero

  7. fastreload8

  8. _useful_idiot_

  9. alpha11297

  10. chainmaillady

What Videos Did We Publish This Week?

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Jorgen is the Hero of the Month for December! Why is this such great news?

Hero Wars Mobile Video

The Fafnir WinterFest Super Skin may be the most important skin of all of 2022....

Hero Wars Mobile Video

This is the complete new-players guide to the Outland in Hero Wars Mobile!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

This is your guide to how gift-giving works on Hero Wars!

The Q3 Financial documents for Hero Wars publisher Nexters Global has been released!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

A Brand new titan event is coming, and the tasks looks JUST LIKE the tasks for the Keros/Mort/Ilyari/Amon new titan events...

Everything a NEW PLAYER would need to know about the Grand Arena!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

We wrap up our week with a complete look at what to expect for WinterFest!

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