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Hero Wars Weekly

Monday, November 28th 2022 Week in Review

This week we learned a bit more about the new Heroes coming to Hero Wars and Hero Wars Mobile! We also got 2022 Winterfest Skin Teases....

Winners of the Week!

(30 Artifact Chest Keys, 10 Pet Summon Eggs, 30 Titan Summon Spheres)

Winners should contact me on Discord to receive their prize! (You will be asked to provide proof)

  1. Jay miller

  2. Levgen Svietikov

  3. Diogo Batista

  4. Michael Sodomora

  5. Randy Von Zee

  6. Travis black

  7. Chance Bland

  8. Samuel Pearlman

  9. JR12

  10. Иван Иванович

What Videos Did We Publish This Week?

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Sweepstakes Video!

A new mini game is coming to Hero Wars for new accounts! Will you start a new account to try it out?

This sweepstakes ended on December 3rd at 12pm CST

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

The final sale for Cyber Week was not a great one! Be careful how you spend your money this holiday Season

If you're losing in Guild Wars, Global Championship, and Clash of Worlds, try this trick to turn a loss into a win!

(only works on Manual Mode!)

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Isaac is the most important hero in Hero Wars; but if you're not careful he's a liability on defense!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Everybody is excited about the new heroes! But should you consider building them? This video talks about a few reasons why you shouldn't!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

Our good friend LoadRunner was able to data-mine a few of the upcoming events for December!

Hero Wars Mobile Video

Why are Hero Wars Mobile events all wonky? And how would I fix this situation...

In Hero Wars, you should change up your defenses every few weeks! This video shows 2 INCREDIBLE examples of how I won the day just by changing one hero!

Hero Wars FB/Web Video

How good is Kayla against OSH? Thanks to Yggdrasil, the GM of my guild, we have a good idea! (spoiler: SHE'S VERY STRONG)

Should you spend emeralds opening additional chests in the Tower? If you buy a bunch of emeralds every day on energy, then YES! If you don't, then NO!

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Aleksandar Djulic
Aleksandar Djulic
Dec 05, 2022

Hi Charlie. My first time on your site.

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