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Hero Wars TV Recap (Mobile)

You can find the link to the full video > HERE <

First of all, there have been 6 Hidden Messages Found:

The first appears to translate to 2 1 4 (Reward on Chapter 2 Mission 14)

The second is Binary, and translates directly to "2-12" (Reward on Chapter 2 Mission 12)

The third message is simple hash marks, translated into "3-11" (Reward on Chapter 3

Mission 11)

The Fourth Reward is in the description of the video, 3-14 (Chapter 3 Mission 14)

A Fifth Mission Reward has been Found! (Chapter 4 Mission 12)

And Finally, a 6th Hidden Reward which I will not spoil for you here....

Here are the Five rewards, in Reverse Order

Treasure Island (still work in progress)

  • New Solo PVE (Player vs Environment) Game Mode

  • Launches "THIS FALL"

  • Fight with Heroes, Titans, and SKYSHIPS

  • Activity Rewards are TO BE DETERMINED

Each session of treasure island begins with 150+ tiles being RANDOMLY assigned values with different types of "hexes." Some tiles could be mountains or other non-traversable areas that you'll have to navigate around.

You will have to fight an AI opponent; each battle will consist of either a Hero, Titan, or Skyship fight. There will be BOOSTERS that will help you in your adventure, and hidden treasure (of varying rarity) scattered throughout the map.

You will begin each journey at the center of the hex-map, and your vision will be obscured by the FOG OF WAR.

Here is an example of one of the hex-map chests. You can see some of the NEW items we can earn (likely to level up our skyships)

  • Every battle will cost 1 turn point, a new currency being called "MAP PIECES"

  • 10 Map Pieces will be given per day (exact time TBD)

  • You CANNOT buy more Map Pieces with Emeralds, or anything else.

    • Note: They may add a way to get more Map Pieces in the Future

  • There is no CAP to Map Pieces, so you can stack them up if you'd like.

  • The Map Pieces will Burn Away at the end of the "cycle."

  • Each Treasure Island Cycle will last as long as you want it to.


  • Every player will get their first SkyShip at level 40

  • You can upgrade and customize your SkyShip

  • Resources to upgrade and customize can be earned in the Treasure Island Activity

Here is the Full Video:

My Full Catalogue of Screenshots from the Video:

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