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Hero Wars Logic - By J Omar PT

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

Comic by Dingus Bruh of Winds of Change guild - Facebook server 39

Galahad: I am going to make a weapon.

Thea: By yourself?

Galahad: Yeah. I need to collect 5 parts of a lute to do it.

Thea: A lute? To make a weapon.

Galahad: Oh yeah!

Thea: Why not make a weapon from raw metal?

Galahad: Need a lute.

Thea: That makes no sense.

Galahad: Lutey lute.

Thea: OK... where are you going to get these parts of a lute?

Galahad: I'll fight some skeletons.

Thea: Why would they even have parts of a lute?

Galahad: Woot woot!!!

Thea: Uh... look. I really think you should just buy a pre-made weapon. You got tons of gold.

Galahad: Gonna get those lute pieces from skeletons, babe.

Thea: OK. So, if you insist on making a weapon out of a lute - and I don't think that you'll make a major weapon out of a lute, why not just go buy a lute. Seriously, you have like 2 million gold. You could get Bon Jovi to play a private concert for you and then autograph the guitar and give it to you. But, a lute, well, even cheaper.

Galahad: Here I go!!!

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Oct 08, 2020


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