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Hero Wars Flags and Patterns

Updated: Mar 30

Which Flag is best for you?


Magic Attacking Team - Heal Block Flag + Armor/Magic Attack/Dodge Reduction

Physical Attacking Team - Heal Block/Tank Flag + Armor/Magic Defense/Dodge Reduction

Defensive Team - Pet Flag + Armor/Magic Defense/Dodge Reduction

What is the Best Flag in Hero Wars?

There are 3 Flags in Hero Wars; this design is created in a way that allows you to use 3 separate teams in Grand Arena, and Clash of Worlds, and still use flags for each team.

War Flag of Fervor

I believe this Flag has the greatest impact on a fight, but ONLY if you use a TANK, and that tank has a decent First Skill.

Ex: Aurora is GREAT! Astaroth is HORRIBLE!

War Flag of Pet Strength

I believe this Flag is the best overall flag for DEFENSE, especially with how it interacts with Axel as a team pet.

On OFFENSE, with offensive pets, the gain is too small (in my opinion).

War Flag of Decline

I believe this to be the best flag overall.

While a 10% reduction in healing isn't incredible, you can use this flag effectively in almost ever fight. With a tank, without a tank, on offense, on defense. Every team has a healer of some kind.

What is the Best Pattern in Hero Wars?

There are 5 patterns currently in Hero Wars, and they are all useful!

My favorite three patterns currently are Armor, Magic Attack, and Enemy Dodge Reduction. This is based on the types of teams I see on my server (and in Clash of Worlds) every day!


The armor bonus provided by an orange or red pattern can block more than 50% of physical damage done to your team! The amount of Dante's and Ishmael's I see makes this pattern a priority!

Magic Attack

With most of the enemy teams being physical attack teams, I usually will bring mages to counter them!

Iris, Heidi, Arachne, Maya, Morrigan, etc. All of these heroes have skills that are modified by Magic Attack!

Dodge Reduction

Of the remaining three options (Bonus Physical Attack, Bonus Magic Defense, Enemy Dodge Reduction) this one provides the greatest benefit.

I am using physical teams less and less (in favor of the above listed magical heroes), I rarely see any mage teams that pose any threat, and this dodge reduction is the final nail in the coffin for Dante teams!

How do you Level up Patterns?

In order to level up your patterns, you'll need to have 2 things:

  1. 2 of the same tier of pattern

  2. Golden Thread

As far as we know, a red pattern is the highest level pattern.

You Will Need 32 grey patterns to make 1 red pattern!

You Will Need

Green Pattern will need 2x Grey + 150 Golden Thread

Blue Pattern will need 2x Green and 300 Golden Thread

Violet Pattern will need 2x Blue and 600 Golden Thread

Orange Pattern will need 2x Violet and 750 Golden Thread

Red Pattern will need 2x Orange and 1500 Golden Thread

Red Ultimate Pattern does not require patterns, just 3750 Thread.

You can "reroll" Red Ultimate Patterns as many times as you'd like! (for 3750 Thread Each)

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