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Hell-O-Ween! (FB/Web Halloween Event 2020)

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Spooky Festival Oct 30 - Nov 5th 2020

The Main Lobby has been updated to match the theme of the event. SPoooOOOoooKy!

Let's talk about these new skins!

Yasmine is getting Physical Attack, Heidi is getting Magic Attack, and Lian is getting Magic Defense. And they're live in game now! I'm not sure how much I like the art of these skins, but the Heidi one looks the best in my opinion.

I'll be collecting all three!

There are Three parts to this event!

1) The Spooky Festival Event can be found in the "Special Events" Tab.

You'll perform one of the event tasks listed below to earn the "Spooky Candy." You'll use the Spooky Candy a bit later! Thanks to LoadRunner for the early info!

The Spooky Festival Event Tasks Are:

  1. Complete Total Tasks

  2. Login 7 Times

  3. Get VIP Rank 7

  4. Spend Emeralds

  5. Spend Energy

  6. Open Outland Chests

  7. Collect Hero Soul Stones

  8. Kill Evil in the Furnace of Souls!

2) The Jack-o-Latern is a clickable location in the bottom right corner of the main lobby; this will take you to the Spooky Candy Exchange.

You'll exchange Spooky Candy for a chance one of 5 prizes: Glyphs, Chaos Cores, Gold, and the Grand Prize!

The Spooky Festival Coin!

Here are all of the things you can buy with the Spooky Festival Coin, again, thanks to LoadRunner! My recommended use of these coins is as follows:

  1. Buy the Heroic Soul Stone Chests until your main team is at Absolute Star. These chests contain 100 Soul Stones of your choice, including Corvus, Morrigan, and Yasmine. But no Cleaver or Jet!

  2. Buy Skin Stones

  3. Buy Equipment to promote the Color Rank of your main team.

  4. Buy Pet Stones

3) The Furnace of Souls is a daily event, where the goal is to pick a team of heroes and try to kill as many enemies as possible.

  1. Your heroes will be set to max level.

  2. You'll be able to use all of your heroes once per day.

  3. You'll be able to use pets.

  4. The enemies will get harder and harder.

  5. There is a 20min time limit cap.

  6. There are daily buffs for your team.

The more enemies you kill, the more points you get.

The more points you get, the more of the 9 daily rewards that you get.

Pictured on the left are some of the rewards that are available.

There is also a "Today's Top Battles" section where you can see who currently has the best team ideas! If you're not interested in experimenting, you can borrow some of the top player's team ideas here as well.

And finally, here are the new Avatars and Borders that are being added with the event!

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Sharon Stoddard
Sharon Stoddard
Oct 29, 2020

Sometimes I wish FB has some of the things like mobile. Like able to get skin stones or is that just skins from the outland chests.


Wei Chi Luo
Wei Chi Luo
Oct 28, 2020


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