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End of September Events

Hero Wars Dominion Era

What are the next events in Hero Wars Dominion Era?

From the official Hero Wars Dominion Era Social Media:

Hey everyone! In addition to our beloved monthly event calendars, we strive to keep you informed about upcoming events through the event teasers as soon as we can. That's why we want to try out something new and share with you an event calendar for the next week, this time with all the dates!
Furthermore, we have also made articles where you can learn about the upcoming events quests, and rewards, as well as find out their dates in the picture below!
Learn more about Lars & Krista's event tasks here: Learn more about Elemental Synergy event quests and rewards here: Learn more about Autumn Festival event quests and rewards here:
Which event are you looking forward to the most? Share with us in the comments!
And we almost forgot to tell you that the Time of the Fearless event will start on September 22, 5 AM UTC! For completing Quests, you will get Outland Coins, Skin Stones, and other resources!
See you in Dominion!

Here are some videos and helpful Guides for the upcoming Hero Wars Dominion Era Events!

Time of the Fearless

Free2Play Skin Stone Event

Sept 22 - Sept 24

(need to make a video)

Emerald Waterfalls

Sept 22 - Sept 29

Champion's Season

Sept 25 - Oct 1

Hero Wars Guide Link

(need to make a video)

Lars & Krista Event

Hero Resource Event

Sept 26 - Sept 28

Hero Wars Guide Link

(info TBD)

Elemental Synergy

Titan Artifact Event

Sept 28 - Sept 30

Autumns Festival

Misc. Reward Seasonal Event

Sept 29 - Oct 1

Hero Wars Central Live Stream Schedule

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