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Cosmic Season June 2024

We Know the Quests and Rewards!

What is Cosmic Season in Hero Wars Dominion Era?

The Cosmic Season is a 30-day season for players at Team Level 107 or above. It focuses on Light and Dark Titan soul stones and artifact fragments, as well as other Titan and Hero resources. The Gold Ticket's Grand Prize is the Ancient Elemental Spirit Summoning Sphere containing a random Light/Dark Totem fragment.

How Much Does the Golden Ticket Cost?

The Golden Ticket for Pet Season January 2024 cost $45 USD

You can gift guildmates a Golden Ticket, and it will cost $31 USD.

(this is a placeholder image, but it's the same)

Cosmic Season Rewards

In the image, there are 4 rows of rewards, in sets of two. The top row is the Pay 2 Win Golden Ticket rewards, and the bottom rows are the Free 2 Play rewards!

It looks like the Grand Prize is a Random Darkness/Light Totem Fragment!

The overflow rewards at the end of the season are the Cosmic Boxes, also seen in previous seasons.

What are the Magnifying Glass items?

They are called "Explorer's Moves."

You can earn a lot of them for free (so long as you complete all the quests in the season) but several you can only earn if you buy the Golden Ticket.

You can learn more about the new game mode: Mysterious Island by clicking on the image below!

Cosmic Season Quests

Finally, here are all of the Cosmic Season Jun 2024 Quests, thanks to LoadRunner!

There are three different kinds of quests:

Daily Quests (3 (4 with Gold Ticket) x 350 Experience)

Three-Day Quests (2 x 550 Experience)

Weekly Quests (2 x 1050 Experience)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens if I collect two "Energy Recovery x3" bonuses at once? The Energy Recovery rate will remain x3: if you activate two or more Energy Recovery bonuses at the same time, then only their duration will be summed up. For example, if you received one bonus for 5 days and another bonus for 1 day at once, the duration of the Energy Recovery bonus will become 6 days.

  • How many levels can I get without the Gold Ticket? You can get 70 levels without the Gold Ticket if you complete all the available quests of the Champions Season for all 30 days.

  • Will I receive all the rewards for the Gold Ticket if I buy it later, not from the start of the Champions Season? You will be able to get all the rewards even if you buy the Gold Ticket on the last day of the Champions Season.

  • Is the Gold Ticket only active for my account on one server? Yes. One Gold Ticket per server. Is the Gold Ticket active for all 30 days of the Champions Season? That's right, it will be active for the entire season.

  • What will happen to my current event level and my Gold Ticket if I transfer my account to another server? Your Champions Season level and the Gold Ticket will be safely transferred with your account.

  • Can I buy the Gold Ticket as a gift for someone else? Yes, you can. After buying the Gold Ticket for yourself, a special offer will appear in the right section of the screen: you will be able to choose a guildmate who doesn’t have the Gold Ticket for the Champions Season yet and buy one with a discount for them. In return, you will get valuable resources. You can buy the Gold Ticket for your guildmates an unlimited number of times. Note that this offer is time-limited:

  • I have summoned and maxed out all the heroes except Cleaver / Amira / Iris. How can I complete tasks where I need to level up or strengthen a hero? If you have summoned and maxed out all the heroes, except Cleaver, Amira, Iris, such tasks will be automatically completed to you. Please note that this only applies to Cleaver, Amira, and Iris and does not count other heroes. For example, if you have maxed out all the heroes, but you don't have Alvanor, such tasks will not be automatically completed.

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Jun 04

If my light and dark spirit totems are already maxed, what happens if I earn the random light or dark totem fragment? Do I have choices as to what occurs when I get to that point?


Johanna Bader
Johanna Bader
Jun 02

Thank ;-)


N-G Nusantara
N-G Nusantara
Jun 01

Thx charlie.. And don't 4get about new map.. Hehehee..

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