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Clash of the Titans Event Guide

Hero Wars Dominion Era

Table of Contents:


What are Titan Brawls in Hero Wars?

A Titan Brawl is a style of event where you are given every titan at complete max level. You have to choose a defense, and you attack other player's defenses with a team of your choice! Usually, one of the 5 titan slots is locked to a specific titan; this slot rotates each day.

What is the Best Strategy for Day 1 of the Clash of Titans?

Using this team, maxed out my wins in a few minutes. Only lost one time and that was from trying the 3 water, 2 super team against a light/ dark team!

  1. vs. ANY normal 3 Element Team:

    1. Sigurd(WaterTank), Hyperion(Water Super), Nova(Water Marksman) + Solaris/Tenebris supers for any normal 3 element team.

  2. vs. ANY Light/Dark Team:

    1. Nova +Dark Tank + Light tank + Light Super

Thanks to Boo, a member of the HWC Comumunity!

What is the Clash of the Titans Event?

Thanks to Hero Wars Guide for the Shop/Emerald Analysis!

(click on the image to visit his website!)

What is the Best Things to Buy From the Clash of Titans Brawl Shop?

Thanks to Calorifere for the Shop/Emerald Analysis! (click on the image to download)

  1. The Best/Great Deal if you're a Free to Play:

    1. Water/Fire/Earth Artifact Chests

    2. Artifact Seal Chest

  2. The Best Deal overall:

    1. Piercing Gaze item

    2. Light of Distant Stars

    3. Lycanthrope's Fang

    4. La Mort's Card

What about the Emerald to Coin Exchange?

The value of anything in the shop is less than 40 emeralds for 100 coins, so the exchange of 1000 coins for 400 emeralds is a terrible deal

What is in the Titan Brawl Box?

Thanks to Hero Wars Wiki for the Screenshot!

(click on the image to visit the WIKI website!)

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