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5 Heroes You Should Level in Hero Wars Alliance

This Blog Post was inspired by Eagle Eye Gaming's Recent Video! Jump To Video

Why These Heroes are the Best Heroes

Way of Progress teams featuring Judge/Julius/Isaac have been at the top of the meta for awhile; you may consider building this team, so that you can be on top of your server! You wouldn't be wrong in leveling the team, but the amount of TIME/MONEY it takes to build a team may leave you feeling like you wasted it. Heidi is getting a rework soon, that looks to completely HARD-COUNTER these teams that rely on shields, featuring Judge/Julius/Isaac. With that in mind, Eagle Eye Gaming put together a strategy that is timeless!

The 5 Best General Purpose Heroes to Build


Phobos is a valuable hero due to his ability to target the opponent's highest magic attack hero and paralyze, stun, and burn their energy with his ultimate skill, making him useful against heroes like Satori, Celeste, and Xesha.


Yasmine can target the opponent's hero with the lowest armor, and when combined with the right team, she can eliminate that hero with her ultimate. She remains useful against various teams, such as Tristan, Artemis, and Fafnir.


Tristan is effective at targeting the opponent's highest magic penetration hero and burning their energy. He's a great choice when facing teams with mage heroes like Celeste and Satori, offering control over both magic penetration and magic attack.


Fafnir serves as a support hero, providing physical attack buffs and shields to allies. He remains valuable regardless of updates, especially when paired with physical attackers like Keira, Karkh, Yasmine, Artemis, Ginger, Aidan, or Kayla.


Amira is a versatile support hero with skills that protect against critical attackers, mages, and tanky heroes. Her unique attributes make her a strong choice in various situations, both as support and as a damage dealer.


What Other Heroes Should've Made This List?

Let me know in the comments down below!


Check out Eagle Eye Gaming's Full Video Here:

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