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2022 Lunar Skins for Hero Wars Mobile

The 2022 Lunar Skins are in the game!

From February 1st through February 3rd 2022, you can purchase the new Lunar Skins for Alavanor, Chabba, and Isaac! These skins are buyable for $19.99 USD; along with the skin, you also get 3500 Skin Stones (to level the skin with!) and 800 VIP.

I have added these new skins to the Mobile Max Stats Page found HERE
Whenever possible, you SHOULD NOT buy a skin with Skin Stones; you should either:
  1. Buy it with real money

  2. Buy it with a Skin Certificate

  3. Earn it as a reward from an Outland Chest

The way that limited offer, or "only available during a special event" skins work, is that they are available for 3 days (or however long the special event is), and then they will unavailable for up to 6 months!

After 3 to 6 months, these skins are added to the Outland Chests as a Grand Prize. When these 3 skins are added to the Outland Chests, 3 OTHER skins will rotate OUT of the Outland Chests.

You can buy THOSE skins for Skin Stones, or Skin Certificates!

So if you don't buy these 2022 Lunar Skins for Alvanor, Chabba, and Isaac during this Special Event, you may not be able to earn them any other way for up to 6-9 Months!

Yes, it sucks. But it is what it is.

How Good are the New 2022 Lunar Skins?

I have an opinion that these skins are going to be some of the most impactful skins added to the game in a long time.

The Isaac skin boosts his physical attack incredibly high, into the top 10 of all damage dealers!

My favorite faction on Hero Wars Mobile is the Way of Progress, and I firmly believe this faction is capable of defeating EVERY meta team.

Alvanor gaining an Armor skin will certainly improve his survivability as a front-line mage. I haven't leveled up a Way of Nature team, but I can see how functional it can be with the right setups. He's also Showing incredibly results against the Legendary Light Hydra Head!

The Skin I'm most looking forward to seeing in 2022 is the new Chabba skin. This Magic Defense Skin pushes Chabba into the top 3 of Magic Defense stats among all heroes, making him another amazing choice to counter mage teams (alongside Aurora and Rufus)

I Love You All, and Good Luck in Dominion!

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1 Comment

Brentis Aaron
Brentis Aaron
Feb 01, 2022

I'll take one...if you're handing them out. ID-9953688

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