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200% Price Increase Hero Wars Alliance

Video Replay of September 21st, 2023 Livestream can be found HERE

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Stream Start

What's up, Heroes of Dominion? My name is Charlie. This is Hero War Central. Happy Thursday, everybody. My webcam needs a little bit of adjustment, so we're going to do that real quick. We need to tilt it up just a hair. There we go, apply. Okay, okay.

Before we get into any kind of the news, the topics, and all of that, I want to remind everybody that you gotta hit the guild raid phase one. You guys have about 29 minutes for web players until OSH cometh, and then you have about three hours and 29 minutes for Facebook players. Yeah, so please don't forget about that. Yeah, please don't forget about that.

Daily News!

We've got a lot of news today. We're going to start off the discussion with the kind of crazy thing that happened. We've known about it for a day or two now, but it finally went into effect today – the foreign exchange update.

A couple of days ago, we got this post right here. It says, "Important news, everyone. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, all in-game prices in Hero Wars Alliance on all mobile platforms and in the Windy Shop will be updated for all countries. This change has already taken place, and across the board, prices have gone up. It seems like every single country, the price has gone up. I'm not actually aware of any country whose prices have gone down. You tell me.

I wanted to show you what my prices were, just so you know. We're looking at it here. Let's do a little bit of quick math. I do occasionally do math on days other than a Monday. If we take a look at that most expensive $52 bundle right there, let's see, 14,000 divided by 52 is 269. So, 14,000 times 4 is 56,000 divided by 52 is about 1,076. We're going to round up to 1,077. That's 1,077 emeralds per dollar.

All right, it used to be a little bit lower from what I understand, around 16 percent lower. Flamewing says, "Inflation?" Well, this is a digital product. There is no fiscal monetary policy having to do with emeralds because they're burnt as they're used. They're not circulated and recirculated, loaned out, and subject to interest rates, bonds, and stocks."

all of that uh I understand that some countries the price has gone up by over

200 percents and uh I'm not really sure

I'm not really sure that there is much justification for it

um I'm not happy about it now on one side

the player side I'm not happy about it uh there are ways to get around it kind of

uh but on the business side people were abusing it people were abusing the currency exchange rates they were switching their currency to, like Brazilian real, and buying emeralds at a pretty steep discount. And, of course, this is what's going on with the title, 200 price increase. Yeah. Of course, this is having to do with the economy and the world today, and inflation, and everything. Stuff like this, though, you know, this is disposable income. This is a disposable income target. People don't have as much disposable income as they did before.

So the only thing that I can think of, and again, the post says due to exchange rate fluctuations. Okay, so we have to make an assumption that they made this change, they made this business decision based on some currency evaluation between here and Europe and China and BRICS and, you know, all this other stuff. Who knows, really, for sure? I've got a feeling, I've got a feeling that it has something to do with Wendy's shop. I have a feeling that it has something to do with Wendy's shop.

So 120,000 emeralds divided by 220 is 545. Okay, 545. So this is a bad deal. It's not a good deal at all, right? Not a good deal at all. But if you take a look at the 56,000 emeralds, this is like the closest comparison, and this is assuming that you buy emeralds at the times for emerald sale. All right, I thought that they were going to bring the emerald prices more in line with Wendy's shop, but obviously, they didn't. 56,000 for basically a hundred dollars. 56,000 during his time for sale for basically half that. It's curious, it's definitely curious.

And if you wanted to stop spending, if you wanted to quit, I think you're justified. I think you are. The bad news, guys, the bad news, guys, is financial documents from 2022 showed there were over a hundred thousand downloads per day. All right, so if one percent of those downloads per day stays, right? Let's assume a 99% churn rate. 99% churn rate, okay, that's still 1,300 new players a day. A thousand-ish new players a day. If one percent of those become whales, right? Let's assume that of those thousand players, that 990 just buy Valkyrie's Favor and Golden Ticket, which that's probably asking a little too much. But if 10 of those 1,000 become decent spenders, a hundred dollars a month spenders, right? There has to be a lot of them because the average spend per spending player is around a hundred dollars, right? We know due to their financial documents that, um, every spending player spends on average 100. Right, there are some that spend way more and there are some that spend way less. So you've got to take a look at your server. You've got to take a look at your server, and you've got to think about this, and I'm going to show off my Facebook server just real quick. I'm going to show off my Facebook server. It's older, okay, so it's going to be skewed a little bit. But if you take a look at...

This hero power, you can see that, uh, you know, you have a couple, you have two players that have absolutely maxed accounts across the board, completely maxed accounts – maxed accounts across the board, Ascension, pets, everything. And then you have about 20 accounts total, right? You have about 20 accounts total that are pretty decent. You can see it's about 24, 27. Um, you know, that when you start dipping into the five, you can probably argue, see, I have 4.3 million, and I barely spend. Right, 4.3 million, and I spend less than 100 a month. I spend way less than 100 a month. Some months I spend more than 100, but I don't usually spend more than like 50 bucks a month, if that. Right?

So let's assume that there's a hundred – let's assume that there's a hundred spending players on this server, right? That's only 10 days. That's only 10 days, right? If one percent of one percent become whales or spenders, the entire population of spenders on my server is replaced in less than two weeks. So my guess, my guess is they made this business decision. They say, "Okay, the economy sucks, we're hemorrhaging money, or we're not making as much money as we were," or whatever you want to call it. And this is purely assumption, Charlie. I, you know, I don't really know anybody that started Hero Wars mobile tomorrow.

Anybody that starts Hero Wars mobile tomorrow has no idea that the price changed. Has no idea. They have no idea. And six months from now, you know, that's, uh, 180 days, right? 180 days from now, that's 1,800 spending players if one percent of one percent becomes spending players. And it's going to be much higher than that. Their churn is at 99. It's probably like 70, right? Their churn is pretty high, I'm sure. But um, the fact of the matter is, all of us will be replaced in six months anyway, right? So it's a business decision. It doesn't feel good. I don't like it at all. From their point of view, I understand it. I do. I don't like it. This is what I'm going to tell you to do in response.

If you're playing on mobile, I would say, I would say, and you have the opportunity to – I know that some of you don't – I would say to jump into TapJoy and do some tasks. Right? Times four activity day happens occasionally. Here's a task right here, 470,000 emeralds. That is 17, 18, 1.8 million emeralds doing this task right here. Right? Now, you might say, "Oh, I'm off-screen, aren't I?" There it is. Say, the survival, that might not be the best game, right? And it might cost you more than a hundred dollars, but if you spend a hundred dollars, that's like, you know, 110, 120,000 emeralds. If you spend a hundred dollars on State of Survival and you get 1.8 million emeralds, the best way to spend on Hero Wars mobile is to not spend on Hero Wars mobile; it's to spend on Tapjoy. Now, I know, I understand a lot of you don't have access to some of these beautiful rewards, and a lot of you play on iOS, a lot of you play on Apple.

I would recommend you go to Facebook Marketplace and buy a used Android tablet, switch your account over. That's if TapJoy comes here. Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Now, continuing on with the craziness, there are people on servers on Russian servers that are being moved to World servers, but not everybody, only some people, and there's no rhyme or reason as to why some people are being moved over to.

World servers, they're inconsistent. It's inconsistent with a transfer, so that's kind of hinky, and I don't really like it. I'm fortunate that I'm in the world servers, but there are some players that are stuck in the Russian servers, and it's a very hostile environment for Western players. And, you know, they can't move their account; they're stuck. They've asked support, and they weren't allowed to move their account. I just find that to be absolutely ridiculous. Yeah, let's see when is this. I don't even know when the Talisman event goes live. We are doing a giveaway, guys, for mobile players tomorrow, day.

Okay, so the Talisman event starts Saturday, and all of the Hero Wars mobile influencers have five Talisman rewards to give away. We'll talk more about this in tomorrow's livestream because I'll have access; I think I'll have access to the Talisman event here in a little bit. Um, it might not—I might not have access to it until tomorrow night, but whenever I get access to the Talisman event, we'll do a Talisman event video, breaking down the seven new Heroes that are getting the talismans, and, you know, the event and all of that. And you'll leave a comment on that video, and I'll draw five names, and you win 2,000 of the meta cubes, which is 20 re-rolls. Getting an overlap? Yeah, I think so. It's Friday night at 10. Nice. Okay.

And then, of course, we have the Cascade fix, wherever the Cascade fix was. Small fix to Cascade. I don't even know where this stuff is. Yeah, his second skill returns him back to his original position instead of standing in front of the opposing team. I thought that skill was ridiculous as it was. The solar skins obviously are popping off pretty soon. It looks like it's just a coincidence that all this stuff is happening at once. But I still do feel like the solar event, the solar skins event here, um, Kayla with that tongue sticking out, curious. I am thinking that this event is when Heidi is going to be reworked.

Michael, I want to give a shout out to members of my community Boo and his Guild mates, Path to Nowhere, for that information. Next week, we'll be able to do giveaways for chaos cores for mobile players, and I've been authorized to give away 10—no, 20 total, two—well, that sucks. Okay, so I have two packages of chaos cores to give away in the next two weeks. 10 per winner, yeah, 10 chaos cores instead of 5,000 skin stones. Is that really pear parody? Crazy. Oh, Money Mike Madness. I saw Money Mike Madness gifting memberships away, e-rain, and Michelle getting gifted memberships. Congratulations, guys. Welcome to the Hero Wars Guild.

How to Support Hero Wars Central!

By the way, if you guys want to support the channel, all you have to do is watch. That's all you got to do; you don't have to do anything else. If you do want to support the channel a little bit more, then just hit the like button and leave a comment. But if you really want to support the channel, if you want to buy me tacos and a Monster Energy drink, then there is a membership button next to the Subscribe button. You join; it's like a dollar, it's like 99 cents. Yeah, and you get access to a couple of fun emotes and the private chat. I never say no to private, you know, one-on-one conversations. But that's part of it, you know, one-on-one conversations with your account and how to play Hero Wars and all of that. But I've never seen it. If anybody messages me with a question, I usually try to answer everybody. It's a lot better than it used to be. It's a lot better than it used to be.

I think that's all the mobile news. There was no leaks for Hero Wars mobile. Hero Wars, okay, Heroes Facebook and web stuff. We got the champions, the champions season information. We'll talk about that in just a little bit. But first, I want to talk about the events going live tonight. Time of The Fearless goes live in about 12 minutes for web players. On top of Time of The Fearless, Emerald Waterfalls is going live. It's like a seven-day event rewarding you for buying and spinning emeralds. Time of The Fearless, of course, is a three-day event. It's a free-to-play event, very easy, very straightforward. You get a lot of skin stones for it, and there is a times four Emerald sale for the first three days. It might be a times five; we don't know for sure, we just know that there's a sale. Emerald sale for Hero Wars web goes live in 12 minutes; for Heroes Facebook, it goes live in three hours and 12 minutes.

Now, beyond that, over on my blog, I made a nice little blog post breaking down the rest of the September events. Of course, these were all shared on the Hero Wars Facebook and web social media pages. Videos and walkthroughs for all of the remaining events for September, all right, so go check that out if you have not already. Yeah, according to my math, I see the highest number back for it. Come back, yeah.

What to Buy from the Titan Brawl Shop

Brawl shop, yeah, let's talk about that, I guess. So the brawl shop, one of the things that Knuckler and others have mentioned is the essence of the elements is actually a really, really good buy. This is actually a really, really good buy. You use this to level up your Titan artifacts. If you don't spend on Big Money Blue Balls, if you don't have a ton of Titan artifact spheres at the Altar of Elements, then this is a very nice way to level up your Titan artifacts. And, to be honest with you, I've been considering it. I know the Titan artifact chests are always a good value. The Seal and Artifact Seal chest, this one, this one just keeps looking at me. Man, I really think I might be buying a ton of these, though.

Yeah, if you're trying to level up your Titans and you don't spend a lot of money on the altar, then those might be a good idea. The Essence of the Elements or the Light and Darkness, Fire, Earth, Water Seal chests might be a good play. Francis, I have no idea. A little while, the skins are way overpriced. Yeah, I think they are too. Yeah, I'm not buying these. I'm not buying these. If the brawl taught me anything today, it's that the skins haven't really made much of an impact.

Chan, no. Well, um, the answer is not no, it's possible. It's possible that the rework will come to web, but probably not. Heidi's way better on web than he is on mobile. Way better. Way better.

Should You Buy the Champion Season Golden Ticket?

(Jump to Video) Now, another question a lot of people have is the fourth season worth buying? Week four of the Champions season, here are the rewards. I can't hear the rewards. I'm gonna buy it. I'm gonna buy it; it's fifteen dollars. Fifteen dollars goes live in a few days, and you know the grand prize is a free color rank, a free Rarity Fair, a ton of other rewards too. A lot of red items, Lamort's Map, Lycanthrope's Fangs, emeralds, skin stones, the Champions chests, the two and the ten. These two bad boys right here, really, really, really good value as well. Really good value as well. So I will be buying this. I think that is worth it. Should everybody else? I don't know; that's really up to you guys. I can't spend for you.

We're gonna put all this in a blog post as well, but here is the seven days of tasks for Champion season as well, right? Get 50 Soul stones of any hero. That's a seven-day quest right there. That's a good opportunity for me to buy 50 Soul stones of Amira from the Clash of Worlds shop. Was there a get VIP task in the upcoming events? So not during Time of The Fearless for sure, but there's definitely a possibility for the other events. I don't know; let's take a look. Let's take a look.

Let's see, Champion season starts on the 25th; the next day, Lars and Krista starts. So the Lars and Krista events get VIP points. Boom, get VIP points. They're in the Lars and Krista event. Nice. Through the October 1st Elemental synergy. Completing elements, you'll see, for spinning emeralds, for reaching VIP, spinning energy. Okay, not Elemental Synergy, though. And Autumn Festival starts. Autumn Festival is the last two days. I wouldn't want to wait till the last day or two. VIP, spinning emeralds. Yeah, I would say if you're gonna buy the golden ticket, do it during the Lars and Krista event because there is a get VIP points task there. I don't know if buying the golden ticket gives you VIP; same as Heidi event. Okay, cool. Yeah, yep. Oh yeah, yeah, the structure of the event is just like that, where you have to fill up the bar, you fill up the gauge, and then you get rewarded treasure chests on the left side. Yeah, I would say wait a day; that's really smart. That's a really good idea. I don't know who suggested that. Let's see. Um, Francis. Francis, thank you so much for suggesting that. So if you take a look at this right here, Champion season starts on the 25th; Lars and Chris it starts on the 26th. Wait a day to buy the golden ticket and, yeah, get a little double-dip action there. Good stuff.

Don't ask for your pet eggs, yeah, guys, I wouldn't hold off on spinning your pet eggs. I would hold off on spitting your chaos particles. I would hold off on everything, leveling pets too, until the next pet comes out, until we know what it looks like, at least until we know what it looks like, at least.

Guild Wars/Clash of Worlds

We've got a few minutes, about four minutes until the event starts. Um, of course, it's on web. Uh, web players, by the way. Um, there is a giveaway in the description. We're gonna give away some stuff to web players. To enter, you gotta type in exclamation point. Here we go. Looks like there are only four people who have entered. Exclamation point web to enter the contest. Open to web players only. We'll do the Facebook event tomorrow. Facebook giveaway tomorrow.

Yeah, let's see. Expensive energy here, not Arachne. Here we go. Good stuff, guild war victory. Man, a lot of web players in chat, guys. Uh, I think also Monday was mobile. We gave away a skit on mobile on Monday.

Yeah, E-Rain, we should get those coins soon. Definitely should. Definitely should. Uh, let's take a look at guild war. We've got just a couple more minutes. Um, we are back in the top 30. No, we are right outside the top 30, 34. It's not too bad, not too bad, 34. Let's see if we can see anybody else in here. There's AOD, God Eaters, Growlers, a couple of new guilds in here that I haven't really seen too much. Uh, Moin, that's Hero Wars Secrets Guild, I believe. Yeah, Hero Wars Secrets. Very cool. Spank the Monkey is still here. I like that guild a lot. Let's see. And there's us, Art of War Mania.

Yeah, I don't know. I did some work today, though, guys. I did a bunch of cleanups, actually. Um, I did a Titan cleanup here and a Titan cleanup in the Sun Temple right here, and I had, I got two locations here in the bridge, two locations here in the bridge. So, um, I'm not gonna use my attacks. I am hesitant. We're still on day one of Clash of Worlds. I'm really hesitant to use my last attack; I just have one hero attack left. I have a lot of heroes left, too, by the way. Um, I was very tactical; I used, I had an Ishmael kill. Uh, it was good. Um, I don't want to start any of these locations until we're for sure getting the Citadel down. This could mean a lot. If we can beat Moonrise, it could push us considerably higher. They're only one rank below us, though, so we're not going to get a ton of points out of it. But still, we want to keep things, you know, tight, real tight, things tight.

What's all this? Close this, close this. Expressed a lot of Guild Master frustration during a stream. Do you experience that yourself, E-Rain? I'm not a Guild Master. Whoa, whoa, this is super, super widescreen. Um, hold on, let me fix this web game capture. Why is this showing so super widescreen? Okay, and then let's center this. There we go, real widescreen. I like it. I like it. I wish Facebook was this wide. This is awesome.

Time of the Fearless + Emerald Sale is live!

This is awesome. Okay, um, the new event day. We have a times four Emerald sale. Really hoping it was a times five Emerald Cell. Holy jumping! 500 dollars. 642. 610. I mean, it's less than 10 percent of a better deal, I think. Really low VIP here. Can anybody with, is anybody here in VIP 15? That's a huge offer. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm. I like the picture though. Does anybody have VIP 15? Can someone send me a screenshot of what it looks like? I need VIP, VIP 15.

She's frustrated because she wants everyone in her Guild to use twins in Aurora, and if they don't, she gets moody and frustrated because she doesn't know better.

Did your Guild Master... Oh, you're asking if my Guild Master... Um, yeah, I mean, there's definitely some days that people, you know, attack. In fact, I think there were two members of our Guild today that got called out for not testing attacks. But, you know, I do that occasionally. It's 660 for 500, okay. So, 660 divided by 500 is 1320. So, what is your 47 package then? VIP 15 people.

Daniel, yeah, it only takes it once, though. It only takes it once. What is your 47 package, VIP 15 people?

Might click that by accident. Well, there is a check; it tells you it's like, "Are you sure you want to do this?" 58,960. 60 divided by 47 is 12.54.

Yeah, I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't buy that 500 package. I mean, some people will definitely buy the package, but it's like seven percent better. It's like seven percent more efficient. I wouldn't buy that. I wouldn't buy that. And what's more is because Emerald waterfalls is live now also because Emerald waterfalls is live, it actually is more beneficial to only buy 20,000 emeralds at a time. I mean, you can't fully complete this, but if you want to complete this every day, you should spread your spending out across a couple of days. So, what I'll do personally, I'll buy these three right here. Not on this one, but on my main account, I'll buy the eleven dollar one, the one dollar one, and the two dollar one. That's not enough. I might have to buy this one right here. I feel like there was one more. And the bottom three I bought. I don't know. During Emerald waterfalls, I spent about 20 bucks a day for all three days, so I spent about, you know, 60 bucks, and I finished this task all three days. If I really wanted to, you get a ton of XP or um energy potions.

Five dollar one is missing, is that what it is? Yeah, I feel like there was one like here. Let me just go look. Yeah, yeah, it's possible. It's possible that since I don't have the one dollar one, it's possible that one of my other ones will be replaced, but usually buying these three, eleven and then six and then two, so it's like 17, 18 bucks.

But I shouldn't do that. Insane, he also placed it where the 11 package normally... Yes, and they click on out of habit. Yeah, I feel... I agree. I agree. I think that um... whoops... I think a lot of people... I mean, you got to pay attention when you're spending anything on a game like this. I'm always super hesitant. No, I'm always double-checking, but that's... yeah, I guess that's me. I guess that's me.

Did anything pop on mobile? Nothing, nothing new on mobile, huh?

Stephanie, yeah. Um, I have the 99 cent one there because I haven't spent anything on that account. If you buy a couple of packages, the 99 cent one drops off and then you uh, and then they added they had a higher one up on the top.

Okay, 45 people, 45 Hero Wars web players again. This is Hero Wars web only. I'm gonna give you guys about another minute. We'll do the drawing, and I'm gonna need your account ID to send you the gift.

It's cheesy, yeah. I agree. I don't like it. A little stuffy. Foreign.

I need the account ID on Discord or here. I just need to get the account ID one way or the other. I need to get that account ID. All right. Um, okay. Uh, whenever it hits 909, we will go ahead and roll. You guys, a couple more minutes. Sounds like, uh, there's people here upstairs, but Ashley must be back from practice.

Not lazy, no, never lazy.

Right, drumroll please.

Boom, Max, Max Kuzman. Max, congratulations. I need your account ID. If you have me on Discord, send it to me on Discord. Otherwise, uh, otherwise send it to me here. I'll go ahead and send you over a gift. Am I on the right account even?

Nice, there he is. Okay. There we go. Uh, what's your in-game name? I just want to make sure that I'm sending it to the right person. Foreign, Arizona Green Tea. A little better than the caffeine and uh, Monster drinks.

I'm super congested. Why am I congested all of a sudden?

All right, well, I tell you what. I sent it to you. You didn't tell me your in-game name, so I hope you're the right person. I hope you are who you say that you are. Hmm. Stainless probably not, probably stains it just as much. Stains it just as much.


Goodness, there's a lot. Alright, okay, let's wrap things up here. We're gonna be back tomorrow, guys. We're gonna be back tomorrow at 12 p.m. Central Time, that is 5 p.m. UTC. We'll do a giveaway for Facebook players and discuss the Talisman. Nobody, we discussed it. I don't think I have done a full discussion. I'm doing a full video tomorrow night or Saturday morning, whatever it ends up being. Nobody, I haven't done a full video on the new Talismans yet. Kind of waiting to see what the tasks are before I jump into it. Should get access to those in another day or so.

Yeah, but I want to thank everybody for hanging out. Thanks to Money Mike for the two membership gifts, very kind of you, very generous. Thank you so much. And we'll probably talk about... I don't know, we'll do OSH tomorrow, we'll do some fights. I don't know. I don't know, guess you guys are gonna have to come and find out. Just come in, find out. I am... My eyes hurt. I've been staring at a screen all day, been editing websites and making sales decks and... Yeah, my eyes hurt. So I'm gonna go lay down. I'll look forward to seeing all of you back here tomorrow. I love you all. Good luck in Dominion.

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