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Summoning Titans

Nov 27th - Dec 1

Titan Summoning Spheres

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This is the "Make-Good" event for the Limited Offer/Glitched Guild Bundle that occurred for roughly 2 hours when the cyberweek event launched on mobile.

For those 2 hours, anybody could purchase a bundle that gave all members of your guild 20,000 Titan Exp Potions, and 80 Summoning Spheres. Whether it was designed as a "doorbuster" Black Friday sale, or a glitch, we'll never know for sure.


Login 1 Time
Trade in 15 Summoning Coins

Total Rewards

1220 Titan Summon Spheres
305,000 Titan Exp Potions

Event History

Nov 27th - Dec 1, 2020

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