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Black Friday Cyber Week

Nov 24th - 30th

Black Friday

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This is the Hero Wars Mobile version of the Cyber Week / Black Friday Event. There are 4 rotating 55% off emeralds Chest Sales throughout the week (Heroic Chest, Artifact Chests, Outland Chests, and Summoning Spheres).

There is a Black Friday Event with 2 tasks, detailed below.

There was a pure x4 emerald sale, where all 6 packages were on bonus instead of the regular x4 event where there's only one per day.

There were about a dozen event specific bundles that were very similar to regular bundles, nothing crazy here.

A Kai rework/soul stone event, and a Corvus/Morrigan soul stone event happened alongside this event.

Finally, there was the great Titan Summoning Sphere Bundle Debacle! Was it a limited time event? Was it a Glitch? Who knows for sure!


Shopping Stream - Buy Anything (max of 7)
Put together - Login (max of 7)

Total Rewards

700 Emeralds
5 Avatars
1 Avatar Frame

Event History

Nov 24th-30th 2020

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