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Hero Wars Stats and What they Mean

Strength, Agility, and Intelligence

Primary Stats

1 Strength = 40 Health

(and +1 Physical Attack if Strength is Main Stat)

1 Agility = 2 Physical Attack & 1 Armor

(and +1 Physical Attack if Agility is Main Stat)

1 Intelligence = 3 Magic Attack & 1 Magic Defense

(and +1 Physical Attack if Intelligence is Main Stat)

Attack, Armor/Magic Defense, Dodge

Damage Types

Physical Attack Stat = Basic/Auto Attack Damage

Physical Attack Stat modifies Physical Skills

Magic Attack Stat modifies Magical Skills

Red Numbers = Physical Damage

Purple Numbers = Magical Damage

Grey/White Numbers = Pure Damage

Green Numbers = Healing

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 3.39.19 PM.png

Armor & Magic Defense

3000 Armor will block 50% of Physical Damage

3000 Magic Defense will block 50% of Magic Damage

9000 Armor/Magic Defense will block 75% of the Damage



Armor/Magic Defense can *NEVER* block 100% of Damage!

Pure Damage cannot be Blocked!

Armor and Magic Penetration

Armor or Magic Penetration Stat will subtract from the enemies Armor or Magic Defense when you attack. 

For Example:

I have 3000 Armor Penetration, the enemy has 3000 Armor. His 3000 armor will block 50% of damage, but my Penetration reduces his Armor to 0.

Armor/Magic Penetration

Critical Hit and Dodge

Critical Hit

A Critical Hit will do 2x Damage!

Only Physical Attacks can Critical Hit

Your Chance to Critical Hit

Your Critical Hit Stat / (Your Crit + Enemy Main Stat)


A Dodge will Avoid all Damage!

Only Physical Attacks can be Dodged

Your Chance to Dodge

Your Dodge Stat / (Your Dodge + Enemy Main Stat)



A Hero's Vampirism stat is a percentage of healing they will do when they do any damage. 

For example:

If Galahad has 50% Vampirism and does 1000 Damage, he will gain 500 health back

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