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Riotous Growth


Earth Titan Soul Stone Event

Invest in this Event?


Riotous Growth


Collect Earth Titan Soul Stones, and Stones for the Super Titan, Eden!

This event will last for 3 Days.

Login (3 days max)
Get VIP (Rank 5)
Spend Emeralds (50,000 max)
Spend Energy (8,000)
Collect Hero Soul Stones (500 Max)
Open Outland Chests (65 Max)
Open Titan Spheres (10 per day, 30 Max, Resets Daily)

Total Rewards

11,800 Titan Experience Potions
300,000 Gold
1500 Titan Skin Stones
573 Earth Titan Bottles
These Bottles will open into bigger and bigger bottles, and have a chance to give you Eden soul stones. Other rewards includes gold and misc. Earth Titan Stones

Event History

Dec 11th-13th, 2020
Aug 14th-17th, 2020

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