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The Hero's Way - December 2023

This is the information about The Hero's way for December 2023.

The Hero's Way is a monthly re-occuring set of tasks and rewards for the Hero Wars Alliance mobile game! All pictures and data have been data-mined by our friend LoadRunner!

Does The Hero's Way Cost Money?

The Hero's Way does not cost any money, however there are additional rewards you can earn if you spend a little bit of real currency!

Is the Golden Pass Worth the Money?

Generally speaking, if you 1) play every and 2) spend any money on Hero Wars Alliance, then the base package of $9.99 USD is an efficient purchase. The additional rewards you can earn, including the grand prize at level 65, are "worth" considerably more than $9.99 USD.

This "worth" is derived from comparing prices of items to their relative emerald cost.

What are the Rewards for The Hero's Way?

The top row in each paired-row are the free rewards, the bottom row is the Golden Pass paid rewards!

What are the Tasks for The Hero's Way?

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