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Polaris Live Stream Recap

The Full Stream can be Found Here:

 Polaris Live Stream Is On!

Join our live stream:  

we are going to meet Polaris and give away prizes!

Also, get a gift in the description of the video on Youtube!

Live Stream Giveaway Winners:

If you won, Hero Wars will react to your comment, and leave a reply that you won!

Live Stream Gift!

Check the description of the live stream for a gift for both Facebook and Web Players!

Polaris Info

Artifact - Magic Penetration, Health/Magic Attack, Intelligence

Glyphs - Magic Attack, Health, Armor, Magic Penetration, Intelligence

Pets - Mara, Biscuit, Khorus

Grey/Ultimate Ability

Green Ability

Blue Ability

Violet Ability

How to get the NEW Darkness and Light Titan Skins?

Light and Dark Battle Passes

  • $19.99 Golden Ticket (each)

  • The grand prize is the new titan skins

  • Daily tasks, just like regular battle passes

Which Gift to Choose? The Letter to Winter Clause

How to Get Polaris?

The Stranger from Frigid Space

10 day event

  1. Evolve Polaris

  2. Promote Polaris Color Rank

  3. Gift of the Element for Polars? (bugged on the live)

  4. Upgrade Polaris Skin

  5. Complete Event Quests

  6. Upgrade Polaris 1st Artifact

  7. Upgrade Polaris Skills

  8. Upgrade Polaris Glyphs

Holiday Every Day - 10 Day Event

  1. Send 1 of each gift type (daily)

  2. Decorate Tree (daily)

  3. Fight in Arena (daily)

  4. Open Tower Chest (daily)

  5. Collect Soul Stones of any Hero (daily)

  6. Open Pet Eggs (daily)

  7. Complete Event Tasks from this Event (cumulative)

  8. Send Gifts (cumulative)

Waiting for the Holiday - 5 Day Event

  1. Login

  2. Reach VIP

  3. Spend Winterfest Coins

  4. Spend Emeralds

  5. Complete Campaign Missions

  6. Open Tower Chests

  7. Start/Join Adventures

  8. Make Purchases (skins, bundles, etc)

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1 Comment

Neon World
Neon World
Dec 20, 2023

Always great surprises thank you and happy new year to all the staff....S.I.S.D.O.S

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