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Mushy & Shroom Coming To Hero Wars Facebook!

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

If you haven't yet, watch the Mushy & Shroom Teaser Video Here

Lost the way, traveler?

It’s okay…

You will never be alone again.

When will Mushy & Shroom Come to Hero Wars Facebook and Web?

The launch event for the new Strength-based Tank hero will be February 17th, 2023, and will last until February 23rd.

  • The event will go live for Hero Wars Web at 8pm Central Time, or 2am UTC.

  • The Event will go live for Hero Wars Facebook at 11pm Central Time, or 5am UTC.

Will Mushy & Shroom join the Grove Keepers?

While it is implied that the awakening of Alvanor is what caused Mushy & Shroom to come to the game, we won't yet know for sure until the event goes live!

You can see on the screengrab to the right that Mushy & Shroom are not Grove Keepers. Why? Who knows.

The awakening of Alvanor has led to the consequences we couldn’t have foreseen.
The long-dormant Mycelium became sentient and manifested itself in the form of Mushy and Shroom, the champions of the fungi realm.

What are Mushy & Shroom's Skills?

This creature doesn’t know the true limits of its power, and it’s up to us to make sure such force won’t be used with malicious intent.
Our relationships must be symbiotic. Or else…

We don't yet fully understand what Mushy & Shroom's skills are going to be like, but thanks to the video we have a pretty good idea.

What is Mushy & Shroom's Ultimate Skill?

The ultimate ability creates a copy of Shroom that, given enough healing, the copy awakens and fights alongside the original. The way that this skill works on Hero Wars Mobile, is that the COPY can use ANY skill that is available to Mushy & Shroom, aside from making more Copies!

The COPY will spawn with a set % of health, and will need to be healed fully before it will awaken. Consider using heroes with area of effect healing such as Martha, Markus, or Alvanor.

What is Mushy & Shroom's Green Skill?

The Green Skill is a passive ability that gives your Mushy & Shroom COPY, and the Branching Mycelium Baby Mushrooms, a heal over time.

While it is still recommended to use healing Heroes to speed up their awakening, if all of your healers are dead they can still awaken!

What is Mushy & Shroom's Blue Skill?

The Blue ability is called Branching Mycelium. Mushy and Shroom will spawn several Baby Mushrooms that also feed on incoming healing. They will spawn with a set % of health, and will need to be healed to full before they awaken.

Upon awakening, these mushrooms explode, and will deal magic damage to the enemy front-line. Additionally, they will silence the enemy front-line for a few seconds.

What is Mushy & Shroom's Violet Skill?

The Purple Skill transforms the healing your team received into a vicious strike that hurts the closest foe. The longer a fight lasts, the more powerful this ability becomes!

What are Mushy & Shroom's Glyphs and Artifacts?

Mushy & Shroom's Glyphs are the following, and I would suggest leveling them in the listed order:

  • MA (4th)

  • Armor (2nd)

  • Health (1st)

  • Magic Penetration (5th

  • Str (3rd)

Mushy & Shroom's Artifact's are as follows:

  • Weapon: Armor

  • Book: Armor/Magic Defense

  • Ring: Strength

What are Mushy & Shroom's Skins?

Mushy & Shroom will launch with a default skin of Strength, and 2 event skins. The Lunar Skin is Health, and the Spring Skin is Magic Penetration.

I would suggest leveling them in this order: Health -> Strength -> Magic Pen.

Note: At the time of this post, the Lunar Skin and the Spring Skin are LIMITED TIME ONLY Skins, tied to the 7-day Launch event for Mushy & Shroom.

Which Pet Should You Use with Mushy & Shroom?

Mushy & Room can use both Oliver and Axel, the traditional tank pets.

Without considering enemy team composition, and of course your own team composition, Oliver is the best pet for them. Oliver provides bonus to health, which Tanks love! Some of Mushy & Shroom's skills are also modified by Health.

Axel is not a bad option for a pet either, since he is also a fantastic tank pet choice due to his skills; he would be great for Mushy & Shroom until they get Armor or Magic Defense skins. Additionally, some of their skills are modified by Magic Attack, which Axel boosts.


Venture deep into the forest and help the fungi champions find their purpose in this world.
Make haste, but be very careful.
For we are one.
We are limitless.
We are unstoppable.

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